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This questionnaire is to be completed online. All of your answers will be confidential. Please fill in the space with your answer and press the Save & Submit button at the bottom of each page. If you start it and need to come back later your information will be saved as long as you have pressed Save & Submit. When complete press Save & Submit.

There are 100 numbered questions.

  • • Option "+" means "Yes", "I Agree" or "Mostly Yes"
  • • Option "M" means "Not Sure", "Uncertain", "May Be", "Neither Yes or No"
  • • Option "-" means "No", "I disagree" or "Mostly No"
1. I am achieving my financial goals for my practice.
2. It is easy for me to find good employees and keep them.
3. My letterhead, internal promotion external promotion and website are all congruent in theme and message.
4.  My collections are at least 95% of production.
5. In terms quality of service and technical skill we are comparable to the best.
6. I have systems in place that monitor the quality of my service.
7. We use surveys from the public before we design new promotion or marketing.
8. I often feel bad about how much time I spend at the office and not with my family.
9. Business management should give random bonuses to keep staff on the ball instead of having a predictable system of bonuses.
10. I believe that people can be helped.
11. There has been a decrease in our profitability over the past year.
12. It is a mystery to some of my employees how what they do affects others in the practice.
13. We regularly communicate with our patients to ensure we are fulfilling all their needs and wants.
14. Patients often complain about inaccuracies in their account.
15. The time it takes to deliver to our patients is on time or sooner than they expected.
16. I use patient feedback as a way to improve my practice.
17. We track our promotion and know where our new patients come from.
18. I sometimes restrain myself from taking action because I am afraid of what others might think of me.
19. I get along well with all of my staff.
20. There is something missing in my life.
21. The practice has cash flow problems.
22. My staff knows how to perform their duties well.
23. The amount of unscheduled treatment bothers me.
24. I think my accounts receivable is too high.
25. If I had better dental equipment materials and lab, I could produce a better results and service for my patients.
26. My staff knows I appreciate them I do not need to tell them.
27. We have a proven way of getting new patients.
28. I consider my life to be quite stressful.
29. Attempting to measure staff productivity would be a waste of time.
30. There are areas of my practice and I would like to improve.
31. My practice has been involved in a law suit or legal action recently.
32. If there is a problem, I usually have to solve it as opposed to the staff person in charge.
33. We do not have a regular communication going out to our existing patients.
34. My practice has excellent credit with its vendors and otherwise.
35. I lose patients because I cannot get them in the schedule soon enough.
36. My practice has no need for a "correction program."
37. Our practice gets positive exposure in news paper, radio and the internet.
38. I'm worried about my health.
39. It is not my responsibility to sort out disagreements or upsets among my staff.
40. I have problems in my practice for which I have no solution.
41. The amount of debt that my company has worries me and could be a problem.
42. I am not as productive as I could be due to interruptions throughout the day.
43. My clinical and administrative staff is excellent at communicating with patients about their treatment needs.
44. Payroll is always done on time.
45. There is no one that can take care of the clinical area as well as I can do it myself.
46. My practice has a way for staff to recommend changes or improvements.
47. I have at least one employee whose sole job it is to develop new patients.
48. There are too many accidents/mistakes in my life.
49. I believe that cutting costs is the best way to increase profit.
50. I am on my way to achieving my goals.
51. The net profit of my practice has steadily improved over the past several years.
52. We have a system of internal communication that works very well.
53. My treatment planning philosophy weighs more on what the patient needs to get healthy and achieve their goals than on what their insurance plan will pay.
54. I have a purchase order system that works very well.
55. I think we have too many cancellations and no shows.
56. I do staff training regularly throughout the year.
57. I am frustrated with the return on investment I get from my promotion.
58. I have one or more physical or health problems.
59. I believe people do not like to work and only are employed because they want to collect a pay check.
60. I am looking for help improving my practice productivity.
61. I do regular strategic/planning meetings with my management staff.
62. My office has procedure/ and or policy type manuals for each position and they are usually up to date.
63. We are losing income because of inadequate follow up with existing patients.
64. I can easily access practice financial information and it is up to date.
65. My staff goes out of their way to give every patient exceptional service and care.
66. Someone from my practice follows up with patients after treatment to ensure they were happy and satisfied.
67. Generating new patients in not usually a part of our planning.
68. Sometimes my situation seems hopeless.
69. If I get busier it only means more headaches.
70. If something does not change soon things will get far worse.
71. There are economic or environmental factors that have had a negative effect on our viability.
72. I often wonder if my staff members are really producing anything of value.
73. We have a complete database of past and present patients.
74. My supply inventory system works well, we rarely run out of something we need.
75. I sometimes get embarrassed at the way my staff interacts with patients.
76. My practice does just fine without any employee training.
77. We use Public Relations as well as promotion and marketing.
78. I sometimes am worried or depressed about my situation.
79. I believe that communication is the best solution in personal difficulties.
80. I am doubtful of people or things that claim to help me.
81. I monitor key numbers and or statistics and implement changes based on objective data rather than impulse.
82. We have a known “acceptable” and “unacceptable” code of conduct for our staff that is regularly monitored and enforced.
83. My staff and I have confidence in handling patient objections to comprehensive treatment plans.
84. Our balance sheet is updated quarterly or annually.
85. There is poor coordination between finance, dental supplies, the dental lab and patient scheduling in my practice.
86. We are continually striving to improve the quality of service and value in the practice.
87. I do not advertise anymore because it does not work for my practice.
88. The rewards of running my practice far outweigh the challenges.
89. A good leader should put the survival of the group ahead of one individual.
90. I think I know all there is to know about running my practice.
91. I take regular precautions to ensure that I operate within local laws and codes.
92. Generally speaking the tone of my practice is upbeat.
93. I participate in insurance and am frustrated and tired of them dictating patient treatment.
94. I have an accurate budget and know where the practice money is being spent.
95. If we did a survey of our patients, at least 90% of them would say that they were happy and satisfied with our practice.
96. I have a statistic which measures the quality of my work and or service.
97. We get a regular flow of referrals from our existing patients.
98. I tend to believe that someone or something else determines the productivity of my practice.
99. A good executive would rather make money than take out a loan.
100. I want help improving the condition of my practice.