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Do YOU have the Killer Instinct?

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Jeff Palmer, founder of the Case Acceptance Academy.

What I want to talk to you about today is the term called “killer instinct.”

Killer instinct, by definition, is when a person has a very strong desire for success.

Now as a dentist or as a treatment coordinator, if you don’t have a killer instinct when it comes to case acceptance it doesn’t matter what techniques you learn, you will not have a very high case acceptance percentage.

Now what this does not mean is that your killer instinct is to kill the patient or crush-sell them into doing what it is that you’re recommending. That is NOT what a killer instinct is.

A killer instinct is an internal passion and desire that really, really wants to help the patient and really wants the office to be successful and productive.

One thing is for sure when it comes to selling and/or dental case acceptance is that you will get and you will meet resistance from patients, and the resistance from patients that you get are the ones that need the treatment the most.

When I teach engineered case acceptance, it’s very predictable, it’s scripted out exactly what you say and when and how you say this and the patient says this and when they say this you say that, and everything is all laid out in a predictable manor. However, if you don’t have the killer instinct, meaning a very strong desire for success, you will not be willing to change your habits and implement the system to get the results that are there.

So when you’re looking for a person to be your treatment coordinator or you’re actually trying to make the decision, is case acceptance or is engineered case acceptance something that I should invest in?

You have to decide, you have to look at yourself or look at your treatment coordinator and say: “Do I have the killer instinct? Do they have the killer instinct?” Because if you don’t have it, it’s never going to work for you…

If you have any questions or you want this survey, just give me a call or email me at info@caseacceptanceacademy.com.